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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Aqua-Zorb Granular

Aqua-Zorb is a well proven water management product that will correct and prevent localised Dry Patch. Dry Patch (hydrophobic soil) is the result of wax secretion by soil fungi. The wax coats the soil particles, making them repel water.

Trials at the SportsTurf Research Institute demonstrated that Aqua-Zorb effectively removes the wax coating on soil particles and allows water to penetrate more effectively.

Aqua-Zorb products will:

  •  Improve drainage
  • Alleviate compaction
  • Reduce the amount of irrigation required
  • Reduce the incidence of dew
  • Greatly improve the quality of the sward

Aqua-Zorb Granular is a biodegradable granule, containing a non-ionic water management product for the treatment of all hydrophobic soil conditions.

Unique technology used in the formulation of Aqua-Zorb Granular gives a long-lasting residual effect that ensures one application of Aqua-Zorb Granular persists for up to 5 months. It has been formulated as an easy to apply granule, giving fast penetration and rapid granule breakdown, it can be used in combination with aeration for the treatment of Dry Patch.

Where dry patch is severe, Aqua-Zorb Granular can be used as a blanket treatment by broadcasting the granules over the entire surface of the sward. If applied after aeration, the granules will penetate deeper into the soil profile to five a more rapid response to deep-seated dry patch. Spot treatemt of banks, exposed windy areas, or other sites where liquid application  is difficult can provide an economical approach to keeping turf healthy during dry conditions.

  • Easy and convenient to apply
  • Long term results
  • Ideal for spot treatment of problem patches

Application information

Apply evenly at a rate of 30g per square metre using conventional fertiliser spreading equipment. To ensure thorough penetration into the rootzone, areas should be irrigated immediately after application or product should be applied when rain is imminent.

Pack: 15kg

Application rate: 300kg /ha (30 g square metre)

Coverage: One pack covers 500 square metres

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