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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Aqua-Zorb Liquid

Aqua-Zorb is a wetting agent that will correct and prevent localised Dry Patch. Dry Patch (hydrophobic soil) is the result of wax secretion by soil fungi. The wax coats the soil particles, making them repel water.

Trials at the SportsTurf Research Institute demonstrated that Aqua-Zorb effectively removes the wax coating on soil particles and allows water to penetrate more effectively.

Aqua-Zorb products will:
  • Improve drainage
  • Alleviate compaction
  • Reduce the amount of irrigation required
  • Reduce the incidence of dew
  • Greatly improve the quality of the sward
Aqua-Zorb Liquid is a concentrated non-ionic turf wetting agent that will enable water to move faster and deeper into the soil profile.

One application can last all season.

Aqua-Zorb Liquid treats the cause of localised Dry Patch. It's very long lasting residual technology ensures that a single application persists for up to five months, during the higher summer temperatures.

Aqua-Zorb Liquid can also be applied in autumn to ensure improved drainage of winter rainfall and effectively reduce the formation of dew.

  • Effective treatment for localised Dry Patch
  • One application can last all season
  • Use high rate for long term effect

Application rate

Always apply in the cool of the day or during rainfall. Do not spray in high temperatures or in bright sunlight.

Irrigate immediately after spraying with a minimum 3mm of water, or spray during rainfall to remove the product from the leaf surface.

Pack: 10 litre
Application rate: 10 - 50 L/ha
Water rate: 4,000 - 10,000 L/ha

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