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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Ferromel 20

Sulphate of Iron for Lawns

Ferromel 20 is a highly soluble, quality alternative to standard Sulphate of Iron products, it is used for hardening and greening lawns and turf. The product is made by Melspring, one of the largest manufacturers of iron sulphate in Europe.

Ferromel 20 will also help discourage worms and moss formation whilst improving colour and encouraging the proliferation of the finer leaved grasses in the sward.

It is a very stable form of iron sulphate, this means it has a long shelf life and oxidisation is prevented. Ferromel 20 dissolves easily in water compared to standard Sulphate of Iron products (in luke warm water).

Ferromel 20 can be used at any of time of year providing frost is not expected. In dry weather, turf treated at the highest rate should subsequently receive a few minutes irrigation to avoid scorching the grass tips. Supplementary irrigation is not required where soil moisture is high.

  • Quality alternative to Sulphate of Iron
  • Highly soluble
  • Discourages moss formation
  • Hardens turf against disease
  • Rapidly gives turf a dark green colour
  • Helps against worm infestation
  • Encourages finer leaved grasses to develop
  • Helps to reduce worm casts for a short time after application
  • Excellent value for money
  • Long shelf life

Fill the spray tank with the required quantity of clean water and slowly add the Ferromel 20, agitating continuously.

When using knapsack sprayers, it is best to mix the product with water in a suitable bucket before adding to the tank.

In cold conditions the product will take longer to dissolve so the addition of some hot water to the spray tank, to raise the water temperature during mixing, can speed up the operation.

Make sure the product is completely dissolved before commencing spray application. 

Do not apply to hard surfaces as it may cause rust staining.
Stains on hard surfaces are very difficult to remove
Over application easily leads to scorching. Use sufficient water.
Avoid walking over treated areas as long as the turf is wet to avoid stains.

Storage and handling 
Store in a cool, well ventilated place protected from direct sunlight and humidity.
Clean spraying equipment after use

Ferromel 20 been stabilised and treated against caking, however we recommend making a pre-tank mix, using hand warm water to avoid residues in the tank.

Application rates

20L knapsack sprayer: Mix 200 to 833g in 20L water and apply over 333m².
Use the highest rate to discourage worms and moss.

For greening and hardening turf apply 6 to 25kg in 600 to 1000L/ha water.

Pack size:
Application rate: 6 - 25kg/ha
Pack covers:  1 - 4 hectares
Water rate: 600 - 1000 L/ha
Analysis: 19.5Fe + 27.8 SO3

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