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Garden Chafer Trap

Chafer Beetle Control

The Garden Chafer Trap is a simple but effective chafer beetle control that can allow more accurate treatment timings against the larval stage of this pest.

The trap will catch adult beetles and give an early warning of chafer grub activity. The trap also helps to reduce the number of egg laying adults in the surrounding area.

Each trap requires a powerful pheromone (sold separately), which attracts male Garden Chafer beetles. The beetles are also attracted by the yellow vanes on the top of the trap, they fly into these vanes and drop down into the funnel trap underneath.

The trap should be set in May and should be hung 50 - 100cm above ground level. One trap will cover 2000m2 or half an acre.

The trap requires pheromone bait which lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Chafer Beetles
Chafer grubs are destructive pests of lawns and grass areas. Large numbers of grubs can cause the grass to turn yellow and the roots to be completely consumed.

The grubs also attract wildlife such as badgers and birds, these animals rip up the grass looking for the grubs to feed on, causing unsightly and destructive damage.

The Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola is one of the most common and damaging types of pests to turf and grass. The adults are about 9mm long with a green metallic coloured head and thorax. The wing cases are light brown. The larvae are creamy white and normally C-Shaped with three pairs of legs near the light brown head and and are approx 10-15mm long.

The Garden Chafer has one generation per year. Adult beetles emerge from the soil between May and June, normally at dusk. The eggs are then laid in the surrounding grass, wich develop in charfer larvae a few weeks later.
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