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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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GoGreen Granules

Iron Granules for Lawns

GoGreen Granules in a trial

A slow release iron in a mini granular formulation, that provides a steady greening and hardening effect over a four month period.

The hub of the formulation is a very pure form of iron pyrites that imparts the release control mechanism to the iron giving a single application of the product an effect that lasts for up to four months.

The potassium content hardens the grass by strengthening cell walls and augments a trace of naturally occurring nitrogen and 8.7% slow release iron to give a product that improves the turf without the blackening caused by some iron treatments.

The iron granules can be applied to lawns at any time of year. However it is especially useful as a spring start fertiliser where low nitrogen input is required.

  • Proven to give outstanding results
  • Winter-green up
  • Slow release of iron
  • Iron chlorosis conrol
  • Will not scorch if there is no irrigation
  • Fast green up (3-5 days)
  • Can be used all year round

Proven product

Since it's launch 10 years ago GoGreen Granules has provided excellent results for our customers.

  • "Easy - granules good size and even distribution”.
  • "Provided excellent coverage".
  • "Cost effective, excellent visual response, colour and turf hardiness"
  • "GoGreen Granules are very good"
  • "Easy to use and always give consistent results"
  • "GoGreen Granules - the best value for money"
  • "Excellent, the first product to keep consistent growth & colour throughout the winter months"

Application Guidelines

GoGreen Granules can be used at any time of year, providing the turf is dry and rainfall is imminent. Do not apply in frosty conditions. Apply using a conventional fertiliser spreader.

Pack: 20kg
Application rate: 40m 2
Pack coverage: 500m 2
Composition: 2.0.10 + 8.7Fe

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