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New Way Weed Spray

New-Way Weed Spray is the first natural based, non-selective herbicide. Now approved for moss control on hard surfaces.

Based on highly concentrated acetic acid, New-Way Weed Spray controls a wide range of weeds and grasses. Made from naturally occurring ingredients

  • Approved for hard surfaces
  • Will control mosses on hard surfaces
  • Fast acting – weeds die 1-2 days after treatment
  • Can be used year round

New Way Weed Spray from Headland Amenity is the first NATURAL non-selective herbicide for weed control in the UK. The active ingredient – acetic acid – has been formulated from the highest food grade product and developed to produce a formulation suitable for controlling a wide range of weeds and grasses.

What is it? 

New Way Weed Spray contains 240g/litre acetic acid as a soluble concentrate. Acetic acid occurs naturally through fermentation processes and breaks down to water, so is safe to the environment. It is the first herbicide to be approved for use on hard surfaces in the UK for many years.

How does it work? 

New Way Weed Spray is a non-selective herbicide with extremely fast activity and is active against most soft plant tissue it comes in contact with. It controls both grasses and broad-leaved weeds. The product produces discolouration and browning of the foliage within a few hours of treatment and during warm sunny weather most plants die within 1-2 days. The product can be used year round. Perennial weeds generally require more than one application to control but annual weeds are usually controlled with one treatment.

Areas of Use 

New Way Weed Spray can be used to control weed growth in amenity situations such as footpaths and pavements, parks, around trees, shrubs and hedges and in industrial areas such as railways, industrial sites and fence lines etc. It is approved for moss control on hard surfaces such as footpaths and tennis courts. Unlike other moss killers for hard surfaces, Natural Weed Spray No. 1 will also control weeds and grass as well, eliminating the need for a separate application.


Apply as a coarse spray so that leaves and stems are fully wetted before run-off. Ensure full coverage. The product is not translocated within the plant and therefore is safer to use around trees, shrubs and other valuable plants.


Mix 1 part New Way Weed Spray to 3 parts of clean water. For example in a 16 litre knapsack sprayer mix 4 litres of New Way Weed Spray to 12 litres of water in the following manner.

  • Half fill Spray tank with clean water
  • Add the required amount of New Way Weed Spray
  • Fill the tank with more clean water to the required level
  • Agitate before use

Repeat treatment as required. Perennial weeds will need more than one application to control them.


The product can be used year round. Applications made in cooler months will take longer to work. In warm sunny weather most weeds will die within 1-2 days. Apply the product on a dry day. Rain, soon after spraying, may wash spray off the foliage leading to poor results.

Subsequent Planting

As there are no residual effects with the product in the soil, sowing and planting may be undertaken as soon as the weeds have died.

Pack Size: 5 litre

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.

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