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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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One of our best selling products, Vitalbase is a granular, organic lawn fertiliser and soil improver that stimulates microbial activity, reduces thatch and gives turf a balanced and durable growth and is effective for 3 to 4 months.

Vitalbase is based on 100% quickly dried chicken manure from carefully selected poultry farms. We use this process in order to capture the ammonia in the granules, which start working as soon as they get into the soil.

Vitalbase is used by many prestigious golf courses, racecourses, university gardens, estates, schools and sports arenas around the country.

Why use Vitalbase ?

Vitalbase is an organic chicken manure lawn fertiliser that can be used as an alternative to inorganic fertilisers where a low, steady nitrogen input is required, the product is especially useful in poor soils. It will condition and improve soil structures by increasing the moisture holding and nutrient retention capacity.
  • Based on 100% quickly dried chicken manure 
  • Multiple uses around the garden 
  • Cost-effective fertiliser 
  • High reactive organic matter 
  • Stimulates soil microbial activity 
  • Reduces thatch 
  • Gives balanced, durable growth 
  • Effective for 3 - 4 months 

The stimulated microbial activity that occurs after application will help to reduce thatch and has the potential to release additional nutrients by breaking down organic matter in the soil.

Composted chicken manure is not as effective as the quickly dried manure that Vitalbase is based on, composted manure also gives off a more pungent aroma.

Where to use

Vitalbase can be used on all soil types, especially in areas where grass needs to be revitalised. This can include lawns, sports pitches, golf fairways, grass tennis courts and landscaped areas.

It can also be used to improve soil in ornamental shrub and flower beds, hanging baskets, containers and around trees. Add around 6-10 g/L of compost/substrate.

Pack: 15kg
Rate: 35-70g/m2
Pack covers: 213 - 428m2
Composition: 4.3.2
Usage period: Feb - Oct

Other uses:

Shrub & Flower beds: 50 - 100g/m2 (Pack covers 150-300m2)
Soil incorporation: 200 - 300g/m2 (Pack covers 50-75m2)
Containers & Hanging Baskets: 6 - 10 g/L substrate (Pack covers 1500 - 2,499L substrate)

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