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A high quality Spring lawn fertiliser with controlled release for upto 5 months

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Marathon Sport Autumn

A Slow Release Fertiliser for Autumn Lawn Care & Maintenance

Marathon Sport Autumn
is a slow release grass fertiliser that provides long lasting, balanced growth. It is ideal for use as an autumn and winter lawn fertiliser, providing the correct balance of nutrients over the cooler months of the year.

Marathon Sport Autumn provides the extended release characteristics needed to give grass gentle root development without producing excessive top growth, lasting for 12 to 14 weeks after application, ideal for autumn lawn care and maintenance.

Marathon Sport can be used as an autumn and winter fertiliser on a wide range of areas:
  • Ornamental lawns
  • Sports pitches
  • Golf tees, surrounds and greens approaches
The use of Marathon Sport fertiliser leads to a better sward with improved wear tolerance, brought about by steady controlled growth.
  • Denser sward
  • High resistance to stress
  • Compact turf
  • Increased tillering
  • Active root development
  • Lasts for 12 to 14 weeks

Marathon Sport Autumn is used on premium sports pitches, golf courses and ornamental lawns throughout the country, and is proven to give outstanding results year after year.

Lawns at Magdalen College Oxford, after application of Marathon Sport Autumn

Lawns at Magdalen College Oxford pictured after application of Marathon Sport Autumn.

When to use

Apply Marathon Sport Autumn when the soil temperature falls below 10oc in the autumn and repeat as required through the winter/early spring season.

Marathon Sport Autumn can also be used in the spring and summer season if required, to toughen grass without producing excessive top growth.

Pack: 25 kg
Pack covers: 714 - 1250m2
Application rate: 20 - 35 g/m2
Composition: 7.0.21 + 2 Mgo + 0.5 Fe
Main usage period: September to February (Can be used all year round)

What Our Customers Say

I 'd give Marathon Sport Spring & Marathon Sport Autumn 10 out of 10 for both satisfaction and cost effectiveness.
I used the products to improve the soil microbe. The sward thickness increased by 20% and the application lasted for 3 months.
Claire Shepherd - Magdelen College, Oxford

Marathon Sport Autumn is the best fairway fertiliser I have used. It gives strong growth without overfeeding.
I applied the product in October and it lasted for 4 months.
Trevor Blyth - Hockley Golf Club

I used Marathon Sport during the winter months and it has transformed my ‘old’ lawn.
I have just started using Marathon Allround and Ferromel on my lawn and they are both excellent products.
KP, Wrexham

Marathon Sport Autumn provided absolutely fantastic results. My family were amazed by the results from just one application!.
The added benefit for me is the fact that it doesn't scorch.
Paul Freeman

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