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Bone Meal

Thomas Elliott Bone Meal is an organic slow release, root-building plant food for shrubs, roses and for general use when planting or seeding.  A high natural source of phosphate is safely and gently released to support young plants in their critical early development stages.

A handful added to the planting hole of trees and shrubs gets them off to a good start, encouraging root development. Bone Meal can also be used as a general plant food to keep your plants in excellent condition throughout the growing season.

Application Information

General Plant Feeding

Apply onto the soil at 140g/m2, lightly forking in. Repeat once a month through the growing season.

Preparing Beds, Borders & Vegetable Plots

Apply onto the soil at 70g/m2, before sowing or planting,  lightly fork in. Repeat once a month through the growing season.

Planting up trees & shrubs

  • Select a position that gives your plant plenty of room to grow.
  • Dig a hole twice as wide as the container or root system and about 8cm deeper.
  • Mix 70g of Bone Meal with a generous portion of compost or soil.
  • Distribute this evenly around the bottom and sides of the hole.
  • Water the container well, carefully remove the plant and place into the hole. For bare rooted plants, remove the net or plastic before planting in the hole. Tall plants should be supported with a stake.
  • Set the tree or shrub in position and fill between the roots, making sure no air is trapped
  • Firm gently, then water thoroughly around the plant base. Water repeatedly especially through dry spells, until the plant is established

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Pack: 25 kg

Pack coverage: 179 - 357m2

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